Writing a new programming language

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Writing a new programming language

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I wrote a programming language. Here’s how you can, too.

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Of course, I'm not suggesting that large amounts of boilerplate is a. Surely we can write a new programming language using java. In fact, Scala is one of the programming languages which is written on Java. But when writing a new programming language, you must answer the following questions, 1.

What will be the new features in your language? 2. Are the features already available in any other language? 3. My career has been all about designing programming languages and writing compilers for them.

This has been a great joy and source of satisfaction to me, and perhaps I can offer some observations about what you're in for if you decide to design and implement a professional programming language. Episode 1: I’m writing a new programming language.

Hello all! I am new to Medium, though have wanted to write some stuff on here for a while. In this post, I plan on explaining my idea for a new. "Writing a new programming language" technically doesn't involve any code.

It's just coming up with a specification for what your language looks like and how it works. Once you have an idea of what your language is like, you can write translators and interpreters to actually make your language "work". In this article I will share my experience and learning from a small project about writing a new programming language using various concepts of automata.

A few months back I was wondering how much big/difficult task it is to write a new programming language from scratch.

Writing a new programming language
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I wrote a programming language. Here’s how you can, too.