Tsar alexander ii

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Alexander II of Russia

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Czar Alexander II assassinated

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Alexander II

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Documentary Film. Babich-Design -. Controversy over a proposal to install a monument to Emperor Alexander II has divided the Bulgarian city of Svishtov for over a year now. In Februarypublic opinion in Svishtov was aggravated by a decision of the city council to erect a monument to the Russian Emperor Alexander II.

Alexander II, the oldest son of Emperor Nicholas I (–), was born in Moscow, Russia, on April 17, Because he would become emperor one day, Alexander was taught many different subjects. Alexander (Aleksandr) II Nikolaevitch (Russian: Александр II Николаевич) (April 17, – March 13, ) was the tsar (emperor) of Russia from March 2, until his assassination in He was also the Grand Duke of Finland.

Tsar Alexander II, Princess Ekaterina Dolgorukova and their children Georgiy and Olga The Crimean War had brought to light shortcomings in the organization of the Russian Army, and Alexander also undertook a reform of the military, as a result of which conscription was introduced in Russia.

Tsar alexander ii
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