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Spear Bearer

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Polykleitos, Doryphoros (Spear-Bearer)

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Spear Bearer

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The Doryphoros is a Greek bronze sculpture made at around BC. The sculpture, which the shows the perfectly harmonious and balanced proportion of the human body was made by Greek Sculptor, Polykleitos.

Augustus of Primaporta is a Roman bronze sculpture that was made in A sculpture he created named the “Doryphoros” and is now called “The Spear Bearer” is an example of his work.

Unfortunately nobody knows exactly what the unit of measurement was because his statue did not survive the centuries.

Essay: Doryphoros and Augustus Prima Porta

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The Doryphoros (Greek Δορυφόρος Classical Greek Greek pronunciation: [dorypʰóros], "Spear-Bearer"; Latinised as Doryphorus) of Polykleitos is one of the best known Greek sculptures of classical antiquity, depicting a solidly built, muscular, standing warrior, originally bearing a spear.

In fact, were it not for the actual spear that that statue originally held, it would have been difficult to identify him as such. A hallmark of classical Greek sculpture, male nudity or nakedness was understood as a marker of civilization that separated the Greeks from their “barbarian” neighbors.

Spear bearer essay
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