Leadership of ursula burns

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Ursula Burns

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Leadership of Ursula Burns Essay

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Ursula Burns, the CEO and Chairman of Xerox Corporation, shares her journey from an engineering summer intern to CEO of a Fortune company.

Ursula Burns

Ursula M. Burns (born September 20, ), is an American businesswoman. She is the chairman of VEON, a senior advisor to Teneo, and a non-executive director of the beverage company Diageo since Aprilamong other directorships such as Uber. InBurns became CEO of Xerox, the first black woman CEO to head a Fortune.

Ursula Burns, CEO and chairman of Xerox Corporation. Image: Lonnie Major / Xerox “My entire existence, my business personality, my practices at work – how I lead, manage, and interact – the foundation of it all is my engineering education,” says Ursula Burns, the.

Ursula Burns, Chairman and CEO of Xerox, proves that you can defy any odds and become a great leader. Use of Cookies This website uses cookies to collect information about your browsing session so we can provide the best experience possible. A Leadership Style to Copy – Ursula Burns, CEO of Xerox October 14, Kurt Blazek Leadership Styles, ReVolve.

There’s an epidemic going around. No, I’m not talking about the return of swine flu or another animal named disease.

Leadership of ursula burns
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