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In this essay we will look at the fact that gang violence in Toronto, and the irony of gangs from two different areas in Toronto who “rep” the same gang, for example crips have developed rivalries. We will discover why the youth in Toronto join.

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Gangs Essay. Gangs within the System Prison is a system that was made to make inmates better. Since the start of prisons, gangs have become a big part.

Gangs fight in order to dominate and run everything. It is a constant battle between them. Who you are affiliated with says a lot. As a result from gang is evident as one of the bad influenced on young peoples lives the statistics that I found online From most of the article I read online, they have the name theory of why teenagers should not Join gangs at all which is "Gang members loin a gang by either committing a crime or undergoing an Initiation procedure where in they are beaten by fellow gang.

A ferocious political satire in the great tradition, Our Gang is Philip Roth’s brilliantly indignant response to the phenomenon of Richard M. Nixon. In the character of Trick E. Dixon, Roth shows us a man who outdoes the severest cynic, a peace-loving Quaker and believer in the sanctity of human life who doesn’t have a problem with killing unarmed women and children in self-defense.

Gang essay
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