Coalition loyalty program

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Merchants working together to reward loyal customers

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The Rise of Coalition Loyalty Programs

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Coalition Loyalty: A Model with Sustainable Advantages for Retailers

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How Coalition Loyalty Programs Like Plenti Can Excel in the Digital World

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Maximiles [32] is an online payment program claiming 1. The flexibility offered within a coalition loyalty program is beneficial for building long-term consumer loyalty.

Because consumers are rewarded at locations outside of a single brand, this strategy provides all loyalty programs involved with more exposure than what would be possible on their own. Coalition loyalty already exists in various forms across the world.

Canada has a robust program called “AirMiles,” which isn’t tied to an airline but works across brands and stores and lets. A coalition loyalty program is a loyalty card system that offers incentives to customers of two or more businesses in return for allowing those businesses to collect user data.

coalition loyalty program

Such a program packages customer benefits into a single customer loyalty program. A coalition loyalty program is a multi-company shopper rewards program that offers consumers a superior value proposition to a standalone program – a common rewards currency earned at many places consumers shop, and not just one retailer.

After the exit of Nectar from the market inPayback is the most popular coalition loyalty program with more than 10 million card holders and relevant anchor partners such as Carrefour, Esso, H3G (Tre), Mediaset Premium, BNL BNP Paribas and more than 60 online partners.

A coalition loyalty program is a loyalty card system that offers incentives to customers of two or more businesses in return for allowing those businesses to collect user data. Such a program packages customer benefits into a single customer loyalty program.

Coalition loyalty program
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